Sunday, November 28, 2010

A quick tour of Switzerland

It all started when I casually mentioned that I will be going for a cousre in France and I will be side tracking to Switzerland over my old school's forum. One old scout KC Foong came over with a private email that he can arrange for a hiking trip in Switzerland if I am keen. He has a Malaysian friend staying in Switzerland who is also a keen outdoorman. So I was linked up with a fine gentlemen KB Tan from Johore. Several emails later everything was set and I was ready to go. We were scheduled to meet up at the train station at Yverdon Les Bains on Friday 25 Nov 2010 at 1700 hrs local time. I arranged my flight from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam with a connecting flight to Geneva. Upon arrival at Geneva I have about 6 hours to loiter around before taking a train to KB's village. The airport offers a free bus trip down to town but it is valid for only 80 min. So I took along my bike to Geneva town for some sight seeing.Geneva is a nice clean city. Everything seems so organised and neat here! But it is cold.By evening I took a train to Yerdon Les Bains where KB Tan will come and pick me up at 5 pm. From there it is another 15 min drive to KB's house which is in a village. Sorry photos of his house as it was dark by the time we arrived and the next whole day we were out. BUT believe me, it is a very nice old farm house and KB Tan has done a good job renovating it.Next morning by 6 am were were already on the train to Zermatt a popular skiing resort at the base of the famous Matterrhorns.KB is a veteran traveller..always well prepared. He even stocks up sandwiches and drinks for the trip. As this is the winter sports season, there are a lot of tourist in the area. we went away from the crowd as soon as we could.This area is like KB's backyard and he knows the area well . After putting on the snow rackets we started trekking on the snow. For a beginner like me it is very tiring trekking on the snow.Except for a shepherd there was nobody on the trail. One gets a wonderful feeling of loneliness here.The temperature is minus 17 degrees for that day and we decided to head for a church where we can get some shelther so thatwe can have a hot drink.After our tea time we spent another hour coming down. It was an interesting trip for me.It is now time to catch a train to Berne , the capital of Switzerland.It started snowing by the time we arrrive Berne. This is the famous clock tower in Berne. But life goes on like normal. people here are used to is just like a light shower but a little bit colder.Even the cheese from this outdoor market is frozen.

From Berne, we took another train to another town Basel where there is a very popular Christmas night market...some sort of pasar malam to me but cleaner and run by Mat Sallehs.

This man was selling puppets and at the same time giving a puppet show. I enjoyed the show but did not buy any puppets. I have a short video and will upload it later.
KB's wife, Melody a Swiss and is also a seasoned traveller, having stayed in India and Malaysia.

Next morning I was up early to take a TGV train to Marseille, France for some more adventure. Thank You KB Tan for hosting me and thank you KC Foong for connecting us! We will meet in Malaysia!


  1. It is such a wonderful trip. I hope by the time I posted this, you remember to come back home here in Malaysia!

  2. Waa I will never be able to keep up with you. Mind you I don't like the cold!!
    Cheers Phill

  3. u have done what i have dreamt to do ...