Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Long Lost Friend in Singapore

I had a half a day to spare while transiting through Singapore. I suddenly remembered that I had a classmate who is residing in Singapore now..someone whom I had not met the last thirty five years. He is Goh Wai Lim. We were together from the express class days in Primary School and was together in scouting in 1972, 73 and 74. After that we parted , each going our way to make our fortunes...he taking up finance and banking while I joined the RMAF to fly. In this photo, I am on the extreme left while Wai Lim is 4th from the right. This was taken in 1973 when we were Rover scouts in Form 5.

Another picture taken around that period. On the right is another of our long lost friend, Chan Kin Yan. I still don't know his where abouts.

Of course we had camps together. He must be enjoying the mess tin of food !

Another photo taken in Fraser's Hill, 1974
That was us together again after a lapse of 35 years.And along with his wife and another friend we had a good dinner at a Japanese restaurant in Orchard Road. Arigato, Wai Lim for the dinner. The next round is Wantan Mee and it will be on me. We had a wonderful time recollecting the mischievous things that we did together in our formative years. I am glad we had managed to meet up.