Monday, December 7, 2009

Flying to Melbourne, Australia by Air Asia (Nov 2009)

"Hey Wong, Would you like to go down to Melbourne for a holiday at the end of the year. Air Asia is having some fantastic offers".....Sunny Cheong my brother in law called me one fine day somewhere in June. Yes please but first I will have to get my leave approved. By the time my leave had been approved a few days later, the fare was not so cheap anymore. I had to pay RM 7900.00 for a family of 4 for all inclusive return fares. So, on 22 Nov 2009 three families (all our wives are sisters) flew to Melbourne for a vacation.
This is the first time I travel by Air Asia and of course the first trip to the Low Cost carrier terminal in KLIA. I would say I am quite impressed with the LCCT. The food here is much cheaper as compared to the main terminal. There seem to be a lot of bargain hunters around this "low cost" terminal. I tried to ask the taximan who brought us to the air port for a "low cost" taxifare but I was unsuccessful!

I was rather suprised that there was no delay for this flight as I have heard about their frequent delays. To be on the safe side I had actually purchased a travel insurance so that I can get some money back if there are delays. but of course when you have bought insurance everything will run smoothly so that no claims can be made!

The flight from KLIA to Tullamarine airport took about 7 hrs 30 mins on the Airbus 330. One thing for sure is that the seats on the Airbus 330 is most uncomfortable. It cannot be reclined and for the flight outbound I was "trapped" in the middle. However Air Asia has made plans to improve the seating on the 330s by next year.


  1. Mr. Wong,

    RM7900 for 4 is not that bad afterall as you are going to Australia. Each person costs less than RM2K, it is still a good deal!

  2. Rules for getting cheap(er) flight tickets

    a. Book straight away
    b. Pay attention to the advert on papers
    c. Don't forget about MAS. We should thank Air Asia for giving MAS the competition and sometimes their fare could be lower and you get better than "low cost" service. Last night I met up with a friend who paid RM4000 for 2 tickets from KOTA BAHRU to Melbourne and back. That is cheaper than Air Asia.

    Hey Martin, if you are reading this, give me a call on 019 9835188 (SMSf you cannot get me). It looks like we are staying very near together. An open invitation for coffee at my place at your own convience.



  3. I paid only RM848 for 2, including all fares, meals, luggages..etc