Saturday, August 15, 2009

Progress on building My Gypsy 28 catamaran

fTime seems to fly..The last 30 days I managed to assemble up the cuddy sides of the Gypsy.I then made the furnitures for the cabin. With only a dozen G clamps,the framing of the 1 by 1 wood to the panels had to be done slowly. Next,a layer of 300 gm glass cloth with epoxy is applied to the floor of the cuddy. I can see that my glass laying skills are improving but still there is a lot of rooms for improvement to make a piece of perfect laminate! Never mind..what I have done will not show in the finished boat because the cushions and furnitures will go on top of the glass!It took me a few days to build a very important component of the catamaran..the central mast beam. For that I selected the best wood available..the Kunin tropical hardwood.All the joints are epoxied and a generous coating is applied to the internal part of the beam. When the catamaran is completed, this beam supports the whole weight of the 11.5 meters mast and the forces generated during sailing so i am extra cautious and careful when I built this beam. The beam is then attached to the floor of the catamaran as shown in this photo.
I am also making the cuddy back which has a door opening to enter the cuddy.It is getting interesting as I can see the bits of puzzle joing up into a picture. I hope to complete the cuddy in 2 months time before the monsoon sets in.


  1. good after noon, i'm from argentina, i'm almost starting my gypsy, actually getting all de cost and material quantity, and obviously, searching on web another people building it, so, wen i found your blog i'm very happy, good photos, easy text, like the best homebuilder, and this is wath i need!, i keep visiting the site, waiting news.
    My regards, good winds! Pedro Marcó (Peter)

  2. Hello

    Can you tell me what kind of fasteners you used to put the Gypsy cabin together and if you used them temporarily or took them out after glueing.