Saturday, July 11, 2009

A visit by my old scout from 10th KL ......

In 1974 and 1975 when I was doing my Sixth form in MBS KL, I was the Assistant Scoutmaster. The scoutmaster was a school teacher who always had other more important things to do so I was given a free hand to run both the Boy Scouts (Form 1 and 2) and Senoir Scouts (Form 3 and 4). Being moulded by scouting since my younger days it is now my turn to mould out more young boys to experience scouting. I was blessed to have a very good bunch of boys under me.....The friendship and brotherhood that we had developed held us together all these while. Incidentally, these are the boys who gave me the nickname Python Joe, which I take great pride in upholding! I got a call last two days from one of my old boys, Teck Meng saying that he is in the East Coast on vacation and would like to meet up. Sure, I said for Teck Meng is now staying in Tenesse , USA and we have not met almost since I left school!That is a longggg while ago!

I have with me a good colection of old photos and when I brought these photos out he almost cannot recognise himself!His family was with him and his son could not even pick him out from any of these pictures.Most of our weekends were spent in the jungles and rivers near to KL...Bukit Belacan, Ulu Kancing, Klang Gates and Bukit Tinggi were some of our favourite spots.

All of these small boys are now in their late 40s and most of them are professionals doing extremely well. We did not have tution those days. Instead our tution was scouting.

Of course I had to cook him a dinner to prove my worth that my Master Cook badge was not a "Kopi O" one! I am really very happy that they took the effort to pop in. The whole night was spent bull shitting about Good Old Times!


  1. same old python. didn't know what to believe when he spoke with his head slightly turned and his snaky eyes staring at you from the corner. but wow, his "siew yook" (roasted pork belly) is restaurant grade. hmmmn, his is still python joe. it was with great pleasure to see "kojak" at his place too.
    it was a great evening and BS. wish we had more time. thanks for your hospitality.


  2. All you old scouts are welcomed any time. In fact I would be very unhappy if you pass my way and did not stop. we will arrange a camp for you next trip..gather enough old boys and we will turn the clock back 35 years. Families will be observers but they will be invited to join in the fun and laugh!

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